Synaptics drivers with full multitouch

Having just spent a fortune on a Sony VAIO Z13 with all the bells and whistles, I’m horribly bothered by the Synaptics drivers not giving me the option to use two finger scrolling.

The system shipped with version from Sony, this driver has a lot of multitouch functionality. Just not two finger scrolling, which I came to like after fiddling with a Macbook Air at a customers request.

My luck had it that Synaptics has just released their Scrybe software, which enables you to draw gestures on the pad after a three-finger click on the pad. The installation of this software automatically upgrades the drivers to verssion 15.1.22 which seem to be very new as of this writing.

But … still no two finger scrolling.

Unless …. you tinker a bit.

First, download the Scrybe application from This will automatically doenload the latest drivers for your system – I got the version mentioned above.

If you do not get better drivers, you can try the Sony drivers I got directly. Download them from:

Install both items. Fire up RegEdit, and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPCpl\Controls

Now search for “Visibility” within that subkey, and delete all found entries.

Now you have two finger scrolling, and everything else they hid away for some strange reason.

As always, take care when messing about with the registry!

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