Everything about the Canon W6400 and W8400

This is a followup post on my earlier post about chip resetting cartridges for the Canon ImagePrograf W6400 and W8400 series printers. I had the W8400D for quite a while, but haven’t used it a lot. Meanwhile I have bought a used W6400PG dirt cheap, with problematic heads and no ink.

The W6400 and W8400 has many secrets. But not so many now ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Flashing Cisco AIR-AP1142N / AIR-LAP1142N

Upgrade, downgrade or crossflash from LAP to AP style firmware on Cisco APs with serial bootloader commands.

The following procedure will format the flash entirely, set up IP address for the bootloader, restart bootloader with newly set IP address, tftp transfer and unpack the image and finally boot up the image and do initial configuration (set onboard ethernet to DHCP).


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