PetPorte Intelligent Cat Flap

I have to share my enthusiasm with this product/a> I’ve been using for the last 2½ years.

It’s an intelligent RFID based cat flap – perfect for those of us with pets, but who have “visitors” from the neighbours that we do not want in the house.

So how does it work? Pretty cleverly actually. 🙂

Cats are usually ear-marked, with the option to get an electronic RFID tag injected into them. The PetPorte product scans this RFID tag when the cat wants access to your house.

Comparing this to an all access cat flap, or the units that are activated by a magnet on the collar, this is so much better.

In all honesty, my old PetPorte has broken down. The small notches that prevent/give access when the right cat is detected, do not move properly any more. If this is a manufacturing defect, or just wear and tear I do not know (the cat flap has survived 5 cats, of which we unfortunately only have 2 now).

After emailing PetPorte support they are treating this as within their three year warranty. Now I’m a brand new and improved model of the PetPorte at no cost at all. That’s service! Thanks guys.

I’ll post more when I get the new unit installed.

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