Reset IBM DS3524 / DS3512 RAID Manager Password

You’ve locked yourself out of the IBM Storage Manager, have you? Or perhaps you’ve gotten yourself a used unit, but have no password for it.

Telnet to both controllers IP-addresses (or use serial console via 4pin mini DIN plug in top left corner of both controllers), and type

VxWorks login: shellUsr
Password: wy3oo&w4 (not shown as you enter it)

-> loadDebug
value = 1 = 0x1
-> setSAPassword_MT ""
ReturnCode = 0x1
value = 1 = 0x1
-> unld "Debug"
value = 0 = 0x0
-> exit

This removes the password, so you can configure through the DS Storage Manager without entering a password. Log on to controller B and follow the same steps.

No need to reboot, it should work immediately.

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7 Responses to Reset IBM DS3524 / DS3512 RAID Manager Password

  1. Carlos says:

    You are a Genius !!

  2. thats very good.
    thank you for your solution

  3. zeze says:

    Yes! Finally someone writes about no cost refi.

  4. Michele says:

    Hi all,

    Is there any chance to run it without usign telnet?
    I’m unable to connect to the array via telnet (controller is pingable)

  5. zoghatesibm says:

    Thanks, this post was a complete life saver, now I can manage that old RAID unit!

  6. Brian says:

    Over 2 years later, and still useful info!
    Thanks for sharing, saved me a ton of time!

  7. Matt says:

    you’ve been hacked. can you re-post your instructions?

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